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4 Questions That Led us to Live an Extraordinary Life with 7 Children

It’s been over 11 years and 33 countries since we first asked these questions.

In those 11 years, we’ve grown our family from four kids to seven and traveled with them to 33 countries on 5 continents.

We’ve climbed ancient pyramids, volcanoes, and mountains; ridden dromedaries in the Sahara, horses in Germany and wild ponies on the moor; waded, surfed, swam, snorkeled, or sandboarded on 4 continents; explored castles in Europe, beaches in the Caribbean, jungles in Central America, and glaciers in Iceland and Nepal; learned vocab in Spanish, German, French, Italian and Arabic; and eaten breakfast in France, lunch in Monaco and dinner in Italy -- all in the same day.

We live an extraordinary life.

It started out normal enough — a small house in a farming town with a white picket fence, 2 dogs, 2.5 kids, and a career my husband was committed to until he was 65. Maybe if we worked hard we could retire early at 60, then travel. That was our...

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