Family Travel Interrupts Life and is Inconvenient, Which is WHY It's So Good For Your Family

family travel Feb 18, 2019

Travel interrupts your life.

But that's WHY it's powerful. That's WHY it changes you. It's a pattern interrupt.

We NEED pattern interrupts in our life. Our lives are built on patterns and routines -- and that's a good thing. Routines and habits help us to live, build, create, have stability, get through the day.

But pattern interrupts help us CHANGE. They help us LEVEL UP. They help us see things in a NEW way, to conceive new possibilities, to imagine, dream, and envision a different future.

According to the Huffington Post, 

"A Pattern interrupt is a technique to change a particular thought, behavior or situation. Behavioral psychology and neuro-linguistic programming use this technique to interrupt and change thought patterns and behaviors. It can be as simple as initiating a handshake or as definitive as seizing the moment to travel or fulfill your bucket list."

Without pattern interrupts, we stay stuck in the same routines -- FOREVER. This is insanity...

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It’s less expensive for this family of 9 to travel year-round than stay home—here’s how

family travel Nov 16, 2018

Isn't this awesome guys! We made it in the news. Originally published on CNBC:

The Dennings are leading the life of their dreams, one that at first they worried was out of reach.

The family of nine travels full-time without a home base, GOBankingRates originally reported. Over the past ten years, they’ve visited 39 countries.

“I literally remember thinking, ‘Is this even possible? Is it just a dream? Can it actually happen?’” Greg Denning, the husband, and father, tells CNBC Make It.

By “interrogating” countless travelers, “voracious study” and a lot of “trial and error,” Denning and his wife Rachel found that the answer was yes.

What’s more, he says, they found that “it’s actually significantly less expensive for our entire family to be traveling around the world than it is to be set up at home, with the mortgage and the cars and the insurance, etc.”

Here’s how they...

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